5 free things to do in Amsterdam

The tourist trap is a voracious money devouring beast. A monster that, if you are not careful, will catch you unawares and before you know it you’ll be freely emptying your hard-earned capital in to its ever hungry jaws.
Thankfully, we’ve been putting in a little research especially for you (yes, you’re welcome!) and have come up with 5 Amsterdam Freebies! that wont have to cost you a single shiny penny, cent or dime!

1: Amsterdam Light Festival

The first of our 5 Amsterdam Freebies! is the annual spectacular billed as ‘The Winter Light Festival For Young And Old.’ The free Amsterdam Light Festival will once again illuminate historical Amsterdam city centre for more than 50 winter days and nights.
Featuring light sculptures, projects and installations from national and international artists, the festival also highlights Amsterdam’s world-famous waterways and bridges with ‘Water Colors,’ with the canals and the Amstel river taking centre stage.

The free Amsterdam Light Festival takes place from Friday December 6th, through to Sunday 19th January.

2: The Pure Market

Based in Amsterdam, this travelling market can be found every 2nd and last Sunday of the month around the city from April through October and December.
Whilst the majority of stalls are food and drinks based, there is an eclectic mix of vintage, designer and gift stalls to keep the most insatiable bargain hunter (or window shopper) more than content.
The Pure Market is renowned for its artisan community offering you the visitor a freeexperience of both Dutch and international produce and goods.
Discover and enjoy all the Pure Market has to offer every 2nd Sunday of the month at Amstelpark, Amsterdam and every last Sunday at Park Frankendael.

3: Concert Gebouw: Free Lunchtime Concerts

Free Lunchtime Concerts are held at 12.30pm every Wednesday afternoon at the sumptuous Amsterdam Concert Building.
Varying from public rehearsals from the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra to chamber music performed by up-and-coming-musicians, the popular free lunchtime concerts are well attended so be sure to arrive in plenty of time in order to claim your seats!
With a broad programme across the classical genre, the free Lunchtime Concerts offer something for all music lovers.

4: Free Ferry Across The River IJ

Escaping the hustle and bustle of the city doesn’t have to cost you the earth (or in fact anything!), not if you take advantage of the free ferry crossing across the River IJ (say “eye”) to Noord.
Embark the free ferry behind Amsterdam Central Station and head for one of Amsterdam’s most creative quarters. Formerly a busy shipyard, these days the warehouses are more often than not occupied by cutting-edge festivals and exhibitions.
For the more active, bikes and scooters can be taken aboard free of charge, giving you the chance to explore the more traditional villages and historic Dutch farmhouses of Noord.
Prefer a more relaxed experience? How about free ferry hopping your way along the River IJ and back!

5: Amsterdam *Free Walking Tour

Last but certainly not the least of our 5 Amsterdam Freebies! If you’re looking to get your Amsterdam bearings without hurting your pocket then perhaps SANDEMANs free 3-hour New Amsterdam guided walking tour is right up your street.
From the (in)famous Red Light District to the heart wrenching story of Anne Frank and the Nazi occupation, the well attended tour is an excellent introduction to the Dutch capital.
Tour guides work on a freelance ‘tip only’ basis so, if you have had an enjoyable experience on this walking tour, feel free to show your appreciation!
*the SANDEMANs tour requires a non-refundable booking fee of €3 per person.
(Yes, we know we said our 5 Amsterdam Freebies! would not cost you a single shiny penny but a 3-hour guided tour of Amsterdam city centre for just €3 has surely earned its place in our 5 Amsterdam Freebies!)

There you have it then, 5 Amsterdam Freebies! for you to take advantage of. If you have taken us up on any of our tips, we’d love to hear the review in our comments section.
Likewise, if you have any other free Amsterdam tips, let us know and we will add them to this 5 Amsterdam Freebies! post.
We can’t wait to hear about them!

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