The best Amsterdam Coffee shops

For a massive number of years, Amsterdam has been seen as a cultural haven for a great deal of men and women, for a quite significant and differing number of factors. Too as the historical aspects of the city, the classic architecture along with the museums, Amsterdam has turn into well recognized for its coffee shop culture. Amsterdam coffee shops have 1 marked distinction from British coffee shops, and those in other locations in Europe, in that they condone the use of cannabis and actively encourage it. The drug is sold inside the significant majority of coffee shops throughout the city, and buyers from all over the world are discovered in them, enjoying the relaxed atmosphere and entirely legal use of the drug. Amsterdam has hundreds of coffee shops, for tourists and locals alike, and ten of the most well-known ones are profiled here.

There are a significant number of coffee shops inside the Leidseplein region, 1 of which is the Rookies, a social venue which is well-known with tourists and expats. Rookies can be a quite well-known venue, largely on account of the truth that it really is combined having a hotel. It really is discovered inside the tourist region, and consists of a quite significant smoking lounge. One more coffee shop in this region is The Dolphins, which despite the fact that not selling cannabis anymore is friendly towards the use of it. The Dolphins, on the outskirts of Leidseplein, also provides free of charge Wi-Fi for all clients.

For a different kind of venue, visitors could head off the tourist trail and visit Mellow Yellow, which was the first coffee shop to be established in the city. The coffee shop is described as being laid back, with a seventies feel and music playing most of the time. It is located at Vijzelgracht 33. Also on Vijzelgracht, at number 47, is the Little Coffee Shop, which is found underneath the city in a basement. Being similarly off the tourist trail, visitors are informed that the establishment offers cannabis at a very cheap price, but that there will be fewer tourists than in other places.

The tourist area in Amsterdam spreads over a very wide area, and coffee shops will be found on every corner. In Jordaan, on Elandsgracht 3, there is a very small coffee shop that is called Johnny’s. Another popular coffee shop can be found in Jonge Roelensteeg. Abraxas is a very large venue, famous for its hippy style of décor and the fact that there are two found in the centre of the city. The interior of the coffee shop is full of brightly coloured mosaics and comfortable sofas, where tourists enjoy relaxing to music. For a coffee shop that offers internet, a bar and a pool table, as well as all the usual benefits, tourists should head to the Get Down To It coffee shop on Korte Leidsedwarsstraat. Closer to the station in the centre of the city, on Haalemmerstratt 44, is the Pinkfloyd. This popular coffee shop is warm and friendly, also offering the internet, and has a strong musical culture, with lively music playing all the time.

One coffee shop that is more like a café, in that it still permits cannabis smoking but in a generally less extreme manner, is found on the Jan Van Der Heijdenstraat. The Yoyo has been called the most unique coffee shop in the city, as well as being described as being extremely welcoming and friendly.

A very popular tourist area, possibly the highlight of the city, is Dam Square, and a number of coffee shops and hotels are located here. One coffee shop, called Choice Exact, is found just off the Square, on a busy and popular tourist street. Choice Exact is an old fashioned, retro style coffee shop, which offers pool tables and the chance to play table football.

Most of those travelling in Amsterdam will need to find suitable hotel accommodation before they set off on their holiday. A good hotel for a weekend visit to the city is the two star Hotel de Gerstekorrel, which is found on Damstraat 22-24, right in between the Red Light District and the historic centre of old Amsterdam. The hotel offers rooms very cheaply, and promises to give a good feel for the traditional aspect of the city. Another option is the cheap and cheerful Travel Hotel Amsterdam, which has a 24-hour bar and is recommended for the younger visitors to the city. It is found close to the Red Light District and the clubbing area of Amsterdam, at Beursstraat 23.

Amnesia – Formerly known as Whootsie Tootsie, this is one of the better coffeeshops in Amsterdam with comfortable leather armchairs and mellow and cosy atmosphere. A good selection of organically grown pot including Bio Sage and Amnesia Haze. Location: Herengracht 133, 1015 BG Amsterdam (tel: 020-4277874).

Basjoe – Nice little shop with a good menu and jazz music. Lot of regulars. The staff is friendly, the smoothies are excellent and they even have table service. Good for for long-time smokers and amateurs alike. Location: Kloveniersburgwal 62, 1012 CX Amsterdam (tel: 020-6273858).

Siberie – Attractively decorated with comfy chairs and delightful artworks on the wall Siberie is located on the banks of a quiet canal, providing a great place to hangout and relax. Spacious benches and tables accommodate groups and individiuals. Be sure to stroll along the photogenic Brouwersgracht before your smoke to enjoy the nice stroll. Location: Brouwersgracht 11, 1015 GA Amsterdam (tel: 020-6235909).

Abraxas – Tucked away in an alley just a block from the Dam square, Abraxas has evolved from a small coffeeshop to one of the best tourist-friendly coffeeshops in Amsterdam. Can accomodate large groups. Great music with the DJ or dealer picking a wide range of groovy tunes. Location: Jonge Rollensteeg 12-14, 1012PL Amsterdam (tel: 020-6255763).

The Bulldog – Most probably the most well known coffeshop in Amsterdam thanks to the central location at Leidseplein, The Bulldog is actually a chain of Bulldogs scattered around the city. The original Bulldog was established in 1978, though the current ones are very touristic. Location: Leidseplein 17, 1017 PS Amsterdam, (tel: 020-6271908).

Grey Area – Small shop with a great reputation. Started by two Americans, this joint supposedly carries ‘the finest weed anywhere in the known universe’. Packed with tourists and locals alike. Location: Oude Leliestraat 2, 1015 AW Amsterdam (tel: 020 4204301).

De Ooievaar – Considered as the smallest proeflokaal (test room) in Netherlands, De Ooievaar is the proeflokaal of the ‘A.van Wees distillery de Ooievaar’ distillery, advertised as ‘the last authentic distillery left in Amsterdam’. Very limited selection but nice setting. Location: Sint Olofspoort 1, 1012 AJ amsterdam (tel: 020-4208004).

Rusland – Rusland was supposedly the first coffeeshop in Amsterdam. Multi-levelled place with great outside terrace. Good selection of hash and grass. Friendly staff and an overall nice place to hangout. Location: Rusland 16, 1012 CL Amsterdam (tel: 020-6279468).

Bluebird – Popular coffeeshop, known for its collection of hashish and marijuana. Can get very corwded. Location: St. Antoniesbreestraat 71, 1011 HB Amsterdam (tel: 020-6225232).

De Dampkring – Popular coffeeshop, got great publicity when it was featured in the Hollywood movie Ocean’s Twelve. Small place, soft music and always packed. Beautifully decorated with a good cannabis menu. Location: Handboogstraat 29, 1012 XM Amsterdam (tel: 020-6380705).

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