Haunted Amsterdam

There’s a story going around….. about haunted Amsterdam!

Burning witches on Dam Square, the terror of the Council of Blood brought to Amsterdam in the 16th century by the Spanish invaders.
Blood cascading down a small passageway from the Nieuwmaarkt’s public executions, into a street today known as Bloedstraat (Blood Street). The ghost of a 13th century black arts highway man roaming the town.

They say ghosts are bound by water – no coincidence then Amsterdam is crisscrossed by more than one hundred kilometres of canals. Hmmm, maybe.
In any case, if it’s tales of ghosts, ghouls and demons you are searching for, welcome to haunted Amsterdam, you’ve come to the right place!
Gruesome stories of the dark arts and tortured souls, the haunted theatres and spooked hotels of Amsterdam abound. If that is, you know exactly where to look.
For instance, the themed attraction the Amsterdam Dungeon may strike some as being nothing more than a modern-day, clichéd tourist trap.
However, perhaps if you knew of the archaeological dig that turned up hundreds of tombstones on the very site the dungeon was built upon, your thinking may well be swayed.
Many ghost hunters are convinced of the presence of the supernatural at the Amsterdam landmark The Waag.

Famously depicted at work by Rembrandt in his masterpiece The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp, rumours have it the famous anatomist would regularly dissect the bodies of recently deceased criminals and vagabonds.
All of course in the name of science.
Stories of recent haunting’s can also be found at ‘The Wailing Tower.’ Formerly connected to The Waag, legend has it the tower is named after the tortured wives of sailors, who would weep with fear of husbands not returning from treacherous voyages.
Rumour has it the cries can still be heard today……if you listen carefully enough.
There are popular haunted Amsterdam tours, were ghost walkers will lead you through the more sinister side of the city.
If it is frightening tales of gore, ghosts, ghouls and things that go bump in the night, a haunted Amsterdam may be just what you are seeking……just don’t look behind you!!

Do you have a spine tingling tale to tell. Be sure to share it with your Erasmus friends!

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