Traditional dutch food

I would like to give you some Amsterdam and Dutch recipes. We like to eat pea soup, brown bean soup, hustpot and Amsterdam cheese (real old cheese.
We in Holland really love cheese. A dutchman eats 17.5 pounds of cheese a year..:)

Here a few recipes:



1 kg winter carrots
1 kg potatoes
500 grams onions
1 beef bouillon cube
Smoked sausage
Pepper and salt

Boil the potatoes 15 to 20 minutes, meanwhile cut the onions into pieces and winter carrots in strips. Boil the carrots and onions along with the beef bouillon cube about 20 minutes.
Pour the aardapplen and add to vegetables together in a pan and coarse pitch.
Then heat the smoked sausage. Then the stew seasoned with pepper and salt.
The smoked sausage may separately or in the stew should be.
A delicious meal when it’s freezing outside.

Stratenmakertje with cheese for 4 people

Stratenmakertje is an old Amsterdam for half or whole bread that is cut horizontally and invested. The bread should be replaced with puff pastry, we have a contemporary fish dishes.

8 slices puff pastry
6 sludge tongues
Thicket dill
300 grams grated Old Amsterdam Cheese
1.5 dl milk
2 teaspoons mustard Amsterdam
4 bunch tomatoes

How do you make it:

Preheat the oven at 220 degrees. Defrost the puff pastry slices and prick them with a fork. Bake them in + / – 10 minutes on the grid (it gives them a nice stripe pattern) to a nice brown color.
Bake or boaster the sludge tongues until they are cooked and fillet them. Heat the milk and dissolve it the grated Old Amsterdam on until a smooth sauce arises.
Add the mustard to the sauce again. Cut half of the forest dill finely.
Place puff pastry on a slice of the sludge sole fillets. Sprinkle with the cheese sauce and sprinkle with half the chopped dill. Lay then again on a slice of puff pastry. Pour here the rest of the sauce and decorate with the remaining dill sprigs and sliced dill and thinly sliced tomato stoned.

Dutch Pea Soup

500 grams split peas (Silvo)
500 grams shoulder chop
250 grams marbled bacon
1 onion 
* 1 large leek
1 celeriac with foliage
1 winter root
1 potato
1 smoked sausage (350 grams)
3 liters of water
Maggi aromatic
Salt and pepper


The onion paper. Cut the leeks into thin rings. Peel the carrot and potato and cut it into small cubes.
Cut the foliage of the celeriac, and this was cutting the leaves finely.
Cut the outer road of the celeriac and cut the celeriac into small cubes. Smoked sausage cut into slices.

Put the split peas with water, chop and bacon in the pan and bring to the boil. With a skimmer off the foam creation.
With the lid on the pan 45 minutes the soup gently boiling. By stirring occasionally.
The vegetables, potatoes, meat and selderieblad add to the soup and 1.5 hours gently boiling.
By stirring occasionally. The meat from the soup creation, remove bone and cut meat into pieces (evt. remove rind). The meat and smoked sausage in the pan, and another 30 minutes to gently simmer. Soup to taste with salt and pepper, Maggi and aromatics.


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